About the team

Nancy Chambers

I started my photographer career at age 12, borrowing my dad’s film camera (with no film in it) and going out to take photos at the park. I was very shy, so the camera was my way to interact, to observe the world from a “safe” angle. Later on, with film on it, I played dress up with my sisters, cats and I found a reason to live, to be happy and inspired .

Looking back at those early years little did I know how much a universe will open to me, as I continue “playing”

My favorite is always LOVE and Nature, with magical sensual fairy dust all over the place. I LOVE, LOVE to shoot underwater, so if you’re considering a Trash The Dress, please look at my portfolio! especially the Val & Sarah sessions.Imagination is something I cultivated since I was a young girl. Growing up in Chicago, I played mermaids all the time, painted mermaids, and now I photograph them!

Russell Bell

Russell has chased the image in one way or another since he was a kid watching his grandfather focus in on macro nature photography and landscapes, totally inspired by the natural world. As the original co founder of Val & Sarah, Matt has been shooting weddings since 2004 and has overseen the team as the artistic and creative director since 2009.

Matt is also the founder of Val & Sarah, a USA based company built with a mission to better serve all del Val & Sarah clients. The mission is to bring awareness to hotels and services and always try to negotiate vendor fees and make the entire end to end experience amazing for each and every client.

Donna Camacho

Donna joined Val & Sarah in 2015. She has been working in MANY positions at Val & Sarah: she’s been Studio Manager, in charge of publishing on the website, writing content and designing, quality control for photo deliverables as well as working in client communcations and scheduling and logistics for all our events! She also finds time to be a photographer photographing weddings, trash the dress and portrait sessions. Donna is British and also speaks fluent French and Spanish.