Five Things That Can Ruin A Wedding Photoshoot

No one ever said that wedding photoshoots were easy. They can be pretty challenging to pull off correctly. So many things can go wrong and ruin the shoot. Here are the five most common mistakes to avoid during your next wedding photoshoot!

Wrong timing

It is very important to be prepared before your wedding day. It includes discussing the timing of the day with your photographer, make-up artist, and hairdresser. Make sure you have enough time for each person to do their job so that you are ready on time. You will also want to ensure you have pictures of yourself getting ready on your wedding day. It is an important day for you and your spouse. You will want it to go well. Make a wedding schedule and assign one of the bridesmaids to ensure everything happens on time. This day only comes once, so you will want to ensure that you have enough time for everything planned. It includes enough time for wedding photos.

Ugly interior for the gathering

Make sure where you will have your wedding photos taken is clean and tidy. You don’t want to look back at your wedding photos one day and see a trash can in the background, or worse, people’s feet! If you’re unsure if the place is clean enough, ask the photographer to arrive early to scout the location and make sure it’s perfect for your wedding photos.

Equipment and microphones

Various equipment and microphones are essential for lighting and sound at a wedding, but they can also ruin any photo. Some audio equipment, like headsets for the offsite host, may be used instead of a classic microphone. You can use floral arrangements, loose flowers, or greenery to decorate some of the equipment, and even a tablecloth can sometimes save the day. These are things you need to discuss with your DJ and wedding coordinator.

mistakes wedding photoshoot


Did you know that certain times of the day are optimal for filming? The two best shooting times are the hour before sunrise and the hour before sunset. Do you have a ceremony near a beautiful tree in the afternoon? Dappled light filtering through leaves can cast horrific shadows on your faces. An outdoor ceremony? In this case, the bride, groom, or guests will be blinded by sunlight. The sun is one aspect that you should discuss with your photographer before the celebration. You can even visit together the place where the outdoor ceremony will take place to see in advance what position the sun is at the time when you are planning the ceremony. If there is no other way out, take care of umbrellas.

Clothes and accessories not ready

It is a common mistake that many brides make. They think they can just put on their dress and go. WRONG! Make sure you have everything planned out ahead of time. Have your shoes, jewelry, veil, and other accessories ready and waiting for you. The last thing you want is scrambling around looking for your shoes when it’s time to take your wedding photos.