Wedding In Retro Style

Retro weddings are all the rage these days! So if you’re looking to add a touch of nostalgia to your big day, consider some of these retro-inspired ideas. From unique invitations to vintage decor, these ideas will help give your wedding an old-fashioned feel. So grab a cup of coffee and get inspired by these fun and funky retro wedding ideas.

Retro elements

Interesting accents

The first thing you should pay attention to during a retro shoot is the outfits of the newlyweds. The era’s spirit will help convey the bride’s lace dress, soft, deep velvet, or a cage in the groom’s suit. Instead of a veil, an elegant hat with a veil or a lace headband with a decor of knitted flowers is suitable. In winter, you should throw a fur boa or a contrasting coat, for example, black, on the bride’s shoulders.

Retro accessories

Correctly picked-up accessories will add refinement and elegance of style. Exquisite wooden mouthpieces for the bride and groom, lace or satin snow-white gloves, feathers, and pearl jewelry for the young woman. These items, skillfully caught by the photographer’s lens, will become that amazing highlight that will turn your photos into real masterpieces.

With a car

If you want to take pictures for your wedding in a retro style, you can use a retro car. For example, the pictures will turn out great if you go to a car show on the day of your shoot or rent a vintage Mercedes or Cadillac. You can come up with many poses and angles for taking pictures of newlyweds with a retro car, and they will all look harmonious, sophisticated, and slightly nostalgic for a bygone era.

Accents in the interior

In addition to the outfits of the newlyweds and various accessories, you can convey the spirit of retro style in the pictures with the help of interior and decor items. An old samovar, painted crockery, lace napkins, a shabby chest of drawers with many tiny drawers, exciting lamps and lampshades, elegant forged items – all these items will help you complement the harmony and style of wedding shots during a retro-style photo shoot.

Monochrome shots

If you want your photos to be in a retro style, it’s best to have black and white shots and a slightly smoky sepia. Without colors, the pictures won’t look superficial or empty. On the contrary, monochrome shots will make your photos look lighter and more innocent. You’ll be surprised at how good they turn out when you get them back from the photo session.